Think modular.

con-x is the perfect combination of modular design and standardised construction. This system consists of a right angle and a 5 cm grid. It enables different modules to be assembled in any combination, tailored to your requirements. In other words, the basis is the system and the result is the module. Modules within the system can be assembled and combined to suit your individual needs. Possibilities for designs range from simple cubes to complex spatial structures.


“The straight lines of con-x make it a unique furniture system.”
All of the components have been reduced to give them a compact appearance. The clear and uncompromising use of form makes the finished piece of furniture stand out. The dominating right angle leaves no room for any interpretation. The eye of the beholder is presented with a statement that is genuine and straightforward. This furniture is found in places that attach great importance to values. In other words: an object with classic virtues in an environment that is otherwise so overloaded.
con-x is the furniture for doers and decision-makers. It is a statement that reflects its owner’s personality.

A strong character.

A strong character consists of openness, straightforwardness and reliability, but also rough edges. These are the attributes that characterise con-x. Experience has shown that this system works. It is impressive just how well thought out the system is and how perfectly it works. Everything fits; everything is perfectly coordinated. A robust system with a strong character.


con-x can be changed in 5 dimensions: width, height, depth, material and colour, as well as a time dimension. The system changes as requirements change, adapting to fulfil new functions.
Individual modules can be set up on a 5 cm grid. Drawers and flaps are available from a cabinet size of 35x35x35 cm. Rods and cross bars can be assembled onto a grid-like framework on the x, y and z axes. It is also possible to use this system to form projections, for example for reception counters.


Rooms and the purpose for which they are used change. con-x meets the requirements that come about with such changes. When adjustments are made, the cross bar retains its shape and remains functional, irrespective of whether a structure is assembled with a 10 cm edge or on a grid with 75 cm edges. The infills, i.e. the panels within the bar structure, are manufactured and assembled just as systematically as all the other components. This makes expansions or adjustments easily possible at any time. Assembly can be carried out without the need for special tools. The combination of basic elements and lift-up / top-hung flaps as well as drawers completes the system.


Drawers are opened and closed using the “push to open” function. Briefly tapping on the front panel causes the drawer to slide out. A light push and it shuts by itself. Soft close and end stop functions work automatically. There are no knobs or handles on the panel. This function permits drawers to be opened and shut practically “hands-free”. The flaps also opened using the “push to open” function; they shut manually.


The heart of con-x is the cross connector. The cross-shaped rods fit seamlessly into the assembly point. Two screws affix the rod to its correct position. The excellent fit and stable connection give the system even more stability. Together with the contact pressure exerted by the securing screws, the flat connecting surfaces form a torsion-resistant connection.
This very simple, but extremely effective principle guarantees that the individual system components are firmly and thus securely connected.


con-x has been patented. The core element of the patent is the reduction of individual parts in combination with the simultaneous creation of a twofold connection.
After carrying out intensive research, the responsible patent office was convinced that this is a unique technical solution and registered the patent for the system.


con-x is manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. There is a manufacturing tolerance of 2/100 mm for the metal parts. All of the companies involved in this manufacturing process fulfil the highest requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection. The strength of the compact panels used is comparable, for example, to that of aluminium. However, their effect is significantly warmer than that of metal materials.
Among other things, this has a positive effect on the acoustic properties of the assembled structures.

Interior design.

Apart from just functioning as furniture, con-x offers further modules for designing architectural space. The system can be used, for example, to create floor or wall coverings. It is also possible to set up partition walls or even separate rooms. There is no limit to the creative diversity this system has to offer!
We look forward to learning about your requirements and would be pleased to assist you with our system and our technical creativity in achieving your objectives.


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con-x is a brand of Felsch GmbH. The starting point for the company founder and his sincere wish was to create a work-life environment for people that is more beautiful and uses materials more efficiently; in other words: a symmetry between aesthetics and functionality. Based on his many years of experience in planning and designing lamps and lighting, Markus Felsch guarantees the highest quality and efficiency, from the initial design to production.